In front of the camera

I love photography but prefer to be the one in charge of the camera. But yesterday I let my partner in crime handle the technology and snap some pictures of me and that's basically what this post is about. A bit fancier OOTD+MOTD ¬†than my usual dirty-mirror-phone-shots. Since I tend to kind of wear a …


OOTD comfy goth

Outfit: Lip Service Widow cropped hoodie Black bodycon dress Black basic tee Fruit Bat Skull locket by Blue Bayer Design NYC Burgundy knee socks Black Pantihose Knitted wool over knee legwarmers Mad Fish Big Shark¬†boots Stay curious Hallow  

Winter OOTD

Today has been chilly over here and my outfit has been entirely in black, boring layers except for this shirt: But cold, winter weather also means that I can wear my wool coat without sweating to death. These past winters have been too warm to wear proper winter garments outside which have sucked because if …