The Living Room

It's funny how a room can change entirely with a new color scheme. In the beginning of the year me and my partner in crime decided to put some effort into decorating our apartment. We started with the living room and wanted make it into something more like us, letting it take time and don't …


Top 5 Obsessions

What's on my mind today? Here's the short version. Urban Exploration. I love abandoned buildings, places where nature have started to reclaim the grounds, to learn about the history and the people living or working there. We have very few truly big places like that around, most of them have been demolished but this is …

Home inspiration from Horror films

Beauty, chaos, destruction and everything from old warehouses to modern homes, asylums and mansions. Yes, I'd live in any of these places. No matter what rating the movie has. I know, American Horror Story isn't a movie. But who gives a shit, the house is awesome.