Top 5 Obsessions

What's on my mind today? Here's the short version. Urban Exploration. I love abandoned buildings, places where nature have started to reclaim the grounds, to learn about the history and the people living or working there. We have very few truly big places like that around, most of them have been demolished but this is …


Underwater Inspiration

Yes, I know, it's me and every other hipster on the planet. Everyone love jellyfish, at least on picture. There is this otherworldly and mesmerizing thing about them, transparent yet living. Since I love making my home cozy and nice, I thought I'd share my newfound jellyfish with you. When it comes to my apartment, …

Being different, yet the same.

The reason I started blogging, except for that I missed to write is that at I currently live in a place where the goth subculture doesn't exist at all and thought that I could get some inspiration online, through blogs and videos, hopefully participate and find some new friends. But instead I was overwhelmed with …


Home inspiration from Horror films

Beauty, chaos, destruction and everything from old warehouses to modern homes, asylums and mansions. Yes, I'd live in any of these places. No matter what rating the movie has. I know, American Horror Story isn't a movie. But who gives a shit, the house is awesome.


Time to face the music

I've been in the goth/subcultural scene for a while, 15 years to be exact, and the music has been a comforting constant to me. I don't really like labeling people, or myself, since there is so much more to every person than just one thing. And that goes for all labels; illnesses, career choices, sexual …