Because I wish all songs had music videos

I'm mesmerized by my headphones and can't stop listen to music. Or watch music videos. Here's some (sometimes less sometimes more) industrial inspiration. A lot of it.

Are you less than?

Brand new video and song by Nine Inch Nails and of course it's fucking amazing. I will probably hype this album the entire summer.

Helalyn Flowers

I use Spotify as my main source for finding new, at least to me, bands by jumping from one related artist to another. Today I found Helalyn Flowers, from what I understand they're Italian and mix industrial, goth, punk, electro and metal music. I'm not sure if I'm just being very picky with album artwork …


I have to admit one thing. I'm terrible when it comes to cleaning out my closets and selling stuff I don't use any longer. In fact I hate it so much I'd rather just throw it out or give it away. It's tedious and time consuming to put things up online and having to go …