Flatliners (1990)

Do you think about the after-life? Have you ever wanted to try to experience it? Flatliners is a horror movie I find understated and thought it was forgotten by most. Until I realized they're rebooting it this year and Kiefer Sutherland is still playing one of the leads(?). I love horror movies from the 90's …


Oh the Horror!

Still not well but definitely better, I've spent the last day in bed being bored out of my mind. I managed to watch two movies yesterday, even though I fell asleep and had to start over again with one of them, Demonic (2015) and The Watcher (2016). Demonic (2015) Classic found footage thriller¬†with James Wan …

Home inspiration from Horror films

Beauty, chaos, destruction and everything from old warehouses to modern homes, asylums and mansions. Yes, I'd live in any of these places. No matter what rating the movie has. I know, American Horror Story isn't a movie. But who gives a shit, the house is awesome.