Day 31: A song you can’t play without turning up the volume to max

The 31 day music challenge has come to an end. I've had fun, it made me rediscover a lot of my old favorite bands but it has taken some time away from regular blog posts and it's going to be fun to have the time to write about other things as well. For the last …


Day 30: A song in a language you don’t speak

I'm fluent in English and Swedish and understand/can speak French but have forgotten most of the things I learned in school about it, even though I studied it for six years. Is it excuse enough to say that I've only had to use it twice since I last had a class in French? Just for …

Day 29: A song that includes an unusal instrument

Dead Can Dance is what comes to mind when I think of unusual instruments, there are sounds on their albums I can't distinguish and have to google to know more about. If I remember things right, the album Spleen And Ideal from 1985 includes trombones, timpanis and cellos. I love the song The Cardinal Sin.