Right Now

It’s been too long since I posted but it’s been crazy over here and work is as always during this time of year, more stressful than normal. I haven’t had much time at home to do anything else but sleep, my YouTube feed is a true (and maybe tragic) testament to how little time I have spent online since the beginning of July. But we’ve been outdoors a lot and I’ve managed to read more than I expected to have the time for so here’s some of the current obsessions:


This was uploaded a week ago and I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to Nick Caves soothing voice. He could probably read anything and make it poetry.


Still not quite fond of the new era in horror, I dug up a classic and  watched The Amityville Horror (1979). If I remember correctly it is the first Amityville movie made and it’s cozy, spooky and have some moments that are pure gold. They don’t make ’em like this anymore. In all fairness, it’s been a lifetime ago since I watched any of the other movies and maybe should see if they give the original (yeah, yeah, I know it’s originally a book…) a run for its money.


Priest has a new singer and this is their latest song. I’m not completely convinced but I like the fact that they aren’t trying to hide it even though the character Mercury still lives on. But I’ve always had a soft spot for Tom Åsbergs voice and it’s a little weird not to hear it in this Dead Ringer.


Blood Cruise (Färjan in Swedish) by Mats Strandberg. Holy crap, this author is amazing at creating characters you can either relate to or just simply know because they’re real people that exist all around you. I’m still in the middle of reading the book but I can’t imagine how my opinion could shift right now. The book takes place on a cruise ship on the Baltic Sea, between Finland and Sweden. A couple of vampires boarded the ship in Stockholm and that’s more or less the plot. You get to follow several passengers and some of the crew on board and it is just a joy to read. Mats has written a few other books that I’ve read and has really grown on me. He has a way with creating believable people in unbelievable setting, you never question the supernatural or strange because it feels just normal. I know Mats Strandberg is promoted as Sweden’s very own Stephen King but for someone who just don’t get or even like the world’s best-selling horror author, I say it is nothing like King. It is much better. If you’ve read a Stepehen King novel and loved it – tell me about and I might give it a go. Maybe someday, I’ll make it through the first 100 pages of his.




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