Keep on thrifting

I am still doing my best to not buy any new clothes or things for our home. When it comes to summer pieces it’s sort of a nightmare, I am simply too tall and the only things I tend to find are regular unisex t-shirts. Not to mention that most things are pastels or white. My wardrobe is clearly not very summer oriented, I love my layers and layers of fabric, which means I am currently living in jeans or a skirt and printed t-shirts. It is what it is and I’m finally getting some fall vibes and have started to search for second hand knits and long skirts.

Me and Partner in crime have been digging deep through all the thrift shops we can find and clothes are clearly not a big thing here so I am looking online for thrift finds instead. Yesterday I ordered these pieces and hope they fit. The knitted sweater is in 100% merino wool and it’s hopefully long enough in the sleeves to not be returned. The knitted cardigan is actually not black. It’s a strange move for me to make but the vision in my head looks pretty damn good so if it fits, it probably sits. I love my black clothes, that ain’t changing but it’s time to try something new.

By the way, where can I find real statement necklaces that aligns with a spooky aesthetic? It seems like it won’t be possible to find in stores in Sweden since everything is very minimalist around here so I’m open for ideas. No crystals but all kinds of animals are of interest (I love bugs).

2 Replies to “Keep on thrifting”

  1. You may already know this, but with pure wool (or even mostly wool) sweaters you can block the sleeves to be longer. It’s a pretty easy process and there are lots of tutorials if you google ”how to block knitting.”

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    1. I will definitely goggle that! Have heard of it before but never felt brave/skilled enough to try. Might reach out to my mom for help, she’s the knitting pro 😉


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