Right Now

Music: Every summer is the same, I listen to a lot of folk music and right now I’m really into The Moon and the Nightspirit from Hungary.

Random Thing: I found a new desk! It’s an old secretary desk with hidden compartments and big drawers to fit all fabric I apparently seem to accumulate. Not sure if its age but I think it’s from the 30’s maybe? Hand made with beautiful dovetail joints and sturdy lock cases. It was almost too heavy to lift and a pain to get into the car (in pouring rain too) It’s so beautiful and it was a steal too.

TV show: Chernobyl. To be completely honest, I have more than a few problems with the show. It is an important subject but it’s Just. So. Much. Hollywood. Heroes vs. Villains all the way from start to finish, which as far as I know, just wasn’t the case. I have watched documentaries, interviews with people from the former Soviet and read a lot about the Chernobyl disaster, Voices from Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexievich is a masterpiece in oral history btw. How did HBO get away with all the factual errors? The Vodka is flowing (ever heard about the dry law?) and they don’t care for Soviet class structures, the workers ethics or general spirit of the people. It is just beyond me. Because the film makers had all that material. And why the fuck did it need to be portrayed in English instead of in Russian? I am actually hoping that the show have some positive impact after all and will shut up now.

Youtube: To continue on the subject of Chernobyl, there is a guy with a channel called Bald and Bankrupt and his encounters with people in remote/forgotten areas in the world are pure gold. I don’t know how he does it but he has a way of making people feel comfortable and talk to him even though he’s a foreigner. He goes to Belarus and into the Zone, well worth a watch.


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