6 AM

Our apartment faces east, a tiny bit to the north east if we’re being picky and we only have windows on one of the walls. This means we only get sunlight straight through the windows in the mornings and with 30°C weather in the days, it feels more like an oven than anything else. To make it a little better, the construction that’s going on outside now prohibits us from opening the windows more than just a slice during the cooler the nights. There’s a wire net covering the entire house, like a bunch of giant guinea pigs have taken over the apartments. That’s why I am awake at 6 in the morning on a Sunday, because my inner organs are baking. No I don’t do heat very well. I don’t do sunlight well either. This is not my favorite weather. If it only got a little bit cooler in the days so you could get some sleep, it would be easier to handle.

Maybe it’s the heat but I’ve been contemplating dyeing my hair something else than black. It’s been a good seven years since the last time and back then it was turquoise. Maybe something ginger-esque (to match my very blonde roots a little better) and what could be a better time than now? There’s nothing to attend where you need to look your best anyway and if it’s a total fuck-up, there’s always black hair dye. When the idea of changing hair color pops into my head I am very trigger happy so we’ll see how this whole thing turns out, stay tuned.

We’ve been out thrifting a little (because the car is the only place with AC). No big finds but an antique plate and some books. I would love to find a new desk but I’ve been looking for years without having any luck. I am super happy about one the books though, it was published in 1894 and is called “Beautiful Britain – The scenery and splendours of the Untied Kingdom” and it’s filled with big photographs of castles, ruins and manors. It has some damage to the spine, other than that it’s in great condition.

The other books are Blood Cruise by Mats Strandberg and a recent copy of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. The plate is called Lilium and was made by the brand Gustavsberg somewhere between 1891-1901.

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