Midsummer’s Eve

(This should’ve been published last Friday. Don’t know why it got saved as a draft instead. Oh well.)

It’s Midsummer’s Eve, life has been extremely busy and the last few days has been a blur of getting things done. Now it’s time for a few weeks of vacation and it’s the first time in years I’m not working throughout the entire summer. To get the weeks around midsummer off feels amazing, I can be out in the forest all night, watch how the sun only touches the horizon before it rises again. Sleep in the tent and read a lot. I bought a bunch of books about a month back and I’ve saved the really good ones especially for this.

So this is probably the most important day in Sweden when it comes to celebrations and parties. It’s not the kind of weekend you spend with family, typically. It’s more about getting drunk in some strangers cottage near the sea or a lake. Since Corona is a thing, we’re not doing that (haven’t for years really) but we are going to be at mom’s, meet my grandpa on a safe distance and celebrate with food, music and games. For some reason, the normalcy in playing one of my least favorite games in the world, kubb, is making it something I look forward to. I’m going to make wreaths, a table sized maypole and listen to cozy, folky music. After all, this is the most magical night of the year if you are to believe Swedish folk tales. I hope for one of those perfect nights where the fog is almost touching the ground and it’s all quiet when you walk through the woods. The weather report warns for a warm, humid day with some rain and thunder. If it clears up during the evening it might just be the right conditions for some mist among the trees.

I hope you all are well and take care of each other!

(Love, love, LOVE this movie. Has more to do with cults than the tradition though, very Wickermanesque.)

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