Right Now

Music: It’s a strange combination of great female singers like PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Blondie, Siouxie Sioux and Patti Smith in my headphones right now.  A lot of 80’s and 90’s indie musicians.

Random Thing: Old things. Can’t get over how absolutely extra ordinary these spoons are. I won them in an online auction just the other day and now they’re here! Have probably never swooned over cutlery…or anything before but this feels like the appropriate time to do it.

Movie: As far as new or more recent horror movies goes, The Conjuring 1 and 2 are probably somewhere around the top on my list and the third part is/was about to be released in September 2020 (if the worlds start to turn again, I guess) and it’s been a while since I felt hyped about an upcoming movie. Maybe it’s because there’s not much information out there, no trailers or anything and it’s actually not the worst. The mystique, in lack of better terms, builds some anticipation similar to way before you knew all about the film and had seen the entire plot in 12 different 3 minute trailers. Those were the days, right?

Book: I’m just about to begin reading Offerträdet (roughly translated to the sacrificial tree) by Per Faxneld which is a book of Swedish folk horror short stories and I’m excited! Both the slipcover and the book is really pretty, it’s the one with cats hanging from a tree.


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