Treasure hunting

The second hand shops around town have started to become interesting, not in the clothing department but when it comes to bringing in actual antiques and interesting finds into the shops. If anyone reading this happens to wonder what the fuck’s going on and where are all the skulls at (which seems to be why people come here to read in the first place) I can assure you that this blog is full of old things, dark music and horror fiction in all shapes and sizes. You happened to catch me on a day when I want to improve our home.

The apartment seems to be a never ending project and there are pros and cons about being the slowest decorator on earth. Most pieces I bring home go together and are rarely anything I regret. It is good to be picky and know what you’re after but the styles I prefer are not easy to come across in Sweden. Art Nouveau, Gothic Revival and Victorian are all rare and often extremely pricey but sometimes you strike gold. Like this print of the Thames by an artist named Arthur De Breanski, my love for old British landscapes knows no boundaries. It’s in an Art Nouveau frame and the name of the framer and his shop is still on the back of it. The frame has some damage to it and the glass needs some cleaning but it’s still really beautiful. I love the green with the gold and the size is pretty good too, about 80*50 cm.

As if that wasn’t enough for one weekend I finally found some dinnerware that I liked and could afford. I’m not after an entire set of the same model but it wouldn’t hurt to have this one in dinner plates as well. These are soup plates by the Swedish brand Rörstrand and the model was made from 1897 until 1926. It is called “Svala” which is the Swedish word for the bird swallow and the pattern is in grayscale but they were made in blue and as well. Three dishes down, a lot more to go. I have my eye on a batch of antique, Cthulhu-esque coffee spoons in an online auction too, just hope they don’t end up in a bidding war.


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