“Dream on, dream on, of bloody deeds and death”

Ever since I was a kid I wanted one of those curio shelves for small things and it has stuck with me. That’s probably what finally made me give in to temptation and get a coffin shelf, something that my 14 year old self would’ve squealed over. My 30 something heart is pretty happy about the decision too, in all fairness. It breaks off the loony granny from Lovecraft’s Arkham vibe in a fun and eccentric way. The confusion starts with WHAT could fit in this thing? I’ve decorated it with tiny perfume bottles from Penhaligon’s that belongs to Partner in Crime but he’s not too happy about it since they shouldn’t be out in the light.

I am blanking on what to put in it. Something old, creepy or death-themed or maybe a combination of the three but I’m not sure of what. I do know it has to be beautiful and not too clunky. No crystals or makeup related things. Super small taxidermy? Victorian mourning accessories? Medical history is a weird fascination of mine and it would be fun to find something in that fashion. I had a syringe from the 1800’s once but lost a custody battle over it years ago. Oh well, it wouldn’t fit in the shelf anyway.  All of my ideas above are hard to find in Sweden and usually expensive to begin with so if anyone has any tips on small and weird things to collect, please enlighten me. Maybe Cthulhu figurines will bring the coffin straight back to Arkham?

2 Replies to ““Dream on, dream on, of bloody deeds and death””

  1. Around here we sometimes find bird skulls and bones from small mammals that are cool to decorate with, but I don’t know if those are easy to find where you are. My kids also went through a phase where they would put insects and snail shells in small jars and preserve them in isopropyl alcohol. Very simple and cheap, but interesting. Or you might look at Victorian hair art or mourning jewelry for ideas. I’ve never made any but I’ve always wanted to DIY something in that style.

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