OOTD: If Norma Bates was goth

So EMP had this huge sale around Easter and I got some stuff, a dress I’ve had in my cart for about three years, a simple swing skirt and some Alchemy jewelry. I still mainly thrift my clothes but sizing is a bitch since I’m around 180 cm tall. Most clothes are made for women much, much shorter than that. It can take years to find one specific garment that works with my shape and sometimes, there’s not much to else to choose from than to buy new clothes. That is what happened here and this is the dress! It’s like if Norma Bates from Bates Motel and American Horror Story: Coven had baby that neither killed, which feels like the perfect combination. I clearly will never become a model since I don’t know what to do with my limbs as soon as a camera is directed straight at me.


Hat: Gift from Mom
Dress: Glamorous Velvet Tea Dress by H&R London
(Invisible) petticoat: At least 15 years old from back when I wore petticoats as skirts. It’s black with a purple trim.
Tights: They’re old now but tattoo socks still exists on Etsy!
Shoes: Thrifted(!)

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