Right Now

Music: Can’t get How soon is now? by The Smiths out of my head because of the cover in The Craft but it’s pretty cozy and I’m not complaining. Actually it’s a tie between How soon is now? and Swedish punk act Lastkaj 14 and their entire discography, so here’s both.

Youtube: It’s been a while since I watched Boyinaband but got back around and this is one of my favorite videos. Had to watch it again and it is still hilarious.

Random Thing: Coffin shelves, for displaying stupidly small things. Okay, so the coffin shelf that I’ve been keeping my eye on forever is back in stock in Sweden and I kind of really want to get it. It is one of those things that is a little bit silly but still too good not to want so let’s hope they don’t run out (again) before I decide to order.

Movie: The Craft just came on Swedish Netflix and I force-fed Partner in Crime with the amazing 90’s nostalgia, witchery and high school drama. He was mildly amused and is not quite as obsessed over the absolute wonder this movie is. The craft was everything a dark and spooky kid had back in the 90’s. It is still invoking that sense of magic and wonder in me.

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