Creature of the Night

Early bird, night owl or permanently exhausted pigeon? As for my image, it sure as hell is fitting that the time I feel the most alive is around dusk, when the sun sets and everything gets moody and beautiful. But that’s basically it, the rest is utter crap. My body thinks that the optimal window for sleep starts somewhere after 3 AM (and forward) but that doesn’t go very well with my day job. So I drink coffee, strong enough to wake the dead in the mornings and do my best to go to bed before midnight. Sounds perfect to a goth aesthetic, doesn’t it? It creates that creepy, look all by itself just because you’re too tired to be bothered with smiling.

All jokes aside, oftentimes I secretly wish that I could rise and shine when the sun comes up, if not for anything else so at least because of my obsession with photography and natural light. Maybe I could get enough energy to actually put on some makeup before going to work? Or take one of these precious morning walks? Maybe it’s just a sign of aging, but no. It’s more a sign of being tired from having to conform to some sort of weird standardized system where everyone have to oblige to a society that’s awake during the day. It’s not that I want to work nights, I want something in between so that I can have my free time at night time. Of course it’s not impossible but it would probably demand a move to bigger city, so I’ll just continue to be grumpy during the weekdays instead. After all, I do waste a lot of time after work, so much so it could be spent doing something creative and fulfilling. At least a little while every day.

What’s this rambling about then, really? Since starting to renovate our cabin in the woods on the weekends it feels like I never “get to” fix with my clothes, makeup or hair and I miss it. I’m basically in work clothes all week long, just different kind of work clothes. I love working on the house but I hate never to have fun with my style anymore. So that’s going to change, because I do have the time, I just have to put some effort into remembering that.

If there is time to squeeze in three days every week to put on makeup and nice clothes, it would make a huge difference. Somehow, it feels a little wasteful to do all that after work when the day is over anyway. But that’s just lazy lies, because I love doing it but as with a lot of creative things, it’s easier to just binge-watch shows in PJ’s and wish you were that other person. Well, I am sure going to try to have more fun after work and it’s starting today.

Work outfit:

Blazer: Thrifted velvet blazer. Super comfy!
Pins: Torvenius @Etsy
Scarf: Thrifted
Cardigan: Thrifted
T-shirt: Bought in London when I was there in 2014.Love, love, love The Breakfast Club.
Gloves: 10+ year old fingerless gloves.
Jeans: Dr. Denim Snap
Belt: Gift/From a lost and found after a festival like…11(!?) years ago
Shoes: Suede boots from Vagabond

MOTD (same as usual):

ACO face cream spf 30
Nyx HD concealer “porcelain”
Everyday minerals base matte in Rosy Fair 0C
Manic Panic Virgin White powder

Nyx HD eye shadow primer
Makeup Geek eyeshadow in “Corrupt”

Nyx HD eye shadow primer
Makeup Geek eyeshadow in “Corrupt”
Wet ‘n wild liquid eyeliner in black
Isadora eyeliner pencil in black
Isadora WigWam mascara in black

2 Replies to “Creature of the Night”

  1. Ayyee.. no quote from a book ? To go with the fit and goth life aesthetics? 🙂 I like the hard coffee as well morning and night an try to get sleep before the first bus runs 🙂


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