It’s been quiet here for a few days because I have barely had time to sit by the computer. I’ve got so many ideas for topics to write about, pictures to take and even some ideas for makeup looks but no time to really execute anything. So yeah, I am most present and listen to as much music as I can squeeze into the few hours of freedom we get. Just wish there were more of them.

By the way, I watched the Wolfman and it was probably one of the most boring, predictable and just bad horror movies in a while. My expectations weren’t even that high, entertainment was all but no. Just no. If you’re looking for a decent horror movie on Netflix, Wolfman (2010) won’t even work with pizza and lots of beer. Beware. I’m not a film snob in any way and watch all kinds of movies, I can appreciate weird, low budget horror films as long as they have something that catches my attention. Villmark Asylum is awesome in that way, just at the top of my head. It’s not necessary a really good movie but it’s still interesting and funny. That’s all it takes.

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