Off to the forest for a while

Why take a picture of your makeup when it’s all fresh and in the right place when you can do it the day after, just woken up and barely can keep your eyes open? Yes, that is my giant Easter egg in the back. It’s always sitting on my computer, no matter what season and it holds PEZ containers.

So I don’t really have much to say. We’re going to work more on the Cabin in the Woods this weekend and try to squeeze in a hike on a trail we haven’t been to before that’s only an hour from here. It’s going to be fun but what I’m really in the mood for is sewing for some reason but I don’t really have any fabric or ideas for alterations. That’s my life right now. We’re still not quarantined and the virus hasn’t really hit my region at all, yet. One upside of living in the middle of nowhere I guess.

Now we’re going out to the forest, to our second home and we’ll see when we’re back in town again.

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