Oh, crap and I finished the No-Buy Challenge

Remember when I said my purse was heavy and a little too small for the things I carry? It broke, but not in the way you would expect. The seams are fine, nothing got torn apart. The fabric is still sturdy and shiny. What did break on the other hand was the metal snaplink to the crossbody strap. It bent to the point of falling apart, probably because of the weight. Maybe the universe is telling me to get a fucking backpack instead. The bag is still usable though but I probably need to exchange all the snaplinks connected to the strap (they are 4 in total) soon. If I get proper carabiners it should be nice and sturdy. Not as stylish but durable, probably more personal than it was before. And yes, I probably will have to get a backpack for work.sdr

On the note of shopping, my No-Buy challenge is up and it went well. Except for the posts I made here, there has been zero shopping of anything clothing, music or book related at all since January 1st. It’s been noticeable on my bank statements and that’s a good motivator for me,those money are going to our house renovations instead. I can’t say that I need more clothes to wear at home but there are some holes in my work closet so before I continue the No-Buy Challenge for 3 more months, I’ll have to go through my closet to see what’s needed. Regular black t-shirts, blouses and stuff like that is high up on the list but I can’t seem to find anything that fits.

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