Right Now

Let’s do another one of these and with some new burning questions.

Book I’m Reading at the moment?

This one is not translated into any other languages and but it’s about old houses and building conservation, not just renovating and it’s written in such a way it’s hard to put aside. This is like a manual or a handbook and normally they tend to be very dry and boring but the author is funny and engaging. I almost get the same feeling as when I’m reading a novel. I just love old buildings.

Comic book I’m Reading at the moment?

“Gravity, why do you disobey Captein?” I have the first physical comic book opf Romantically Apocalyptic and that’s what I’m re-reading right now. But you can read this comic for free online to at Romanticallyapocalyptic.com. Perfectly fitting with the dystopian reality we all are living in today. It comes with companion music to each comic as well and it’s just awesome.

Listening to?

Our local punk rock phenomenon Syndromet, they also happen to be friends of mine, have released new music and it’s available on Spotify. They sing in Swedish and not only that, they sing in the accent blekingska. Something very rare but also very cool, said by a fellow bleking. I love this EP and melt a little when I listen to Där drömmar föds (Where dreams are born).

Movie I want to watch tonight?

If my life could be any movie, chances are Wes Anderson created it but right now it feels more like a Mad Max: Fury Road life for me. Come on, who wants to be a pirate when you can be Imperator Furiosa?

Latest Youtube video I saw?

Rachel Maksy is my spirit animal, I swear.

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