Just an irregular Monday

The company I’m working at is preparing for as many of us as possible, to be working from home in order to social distance the employees from each other. I get it and as an introvert, it’s not the worst news I could receive, but it sure makes me feel uneasy. Society is slowly closing down. Me and partner in crime help out with grocery shopping for my grandparents and (outside of work) try to stay away from people as much as possible. As of today, we still have very few restrictions in Sweden but it shows that most people are trying their best to stay safe.

We spent the weekend with renovating our cabin. It’s going to take up most of our free time now when it’s a bit warmer and brighter outside. We mainly try to restore the house and it is so much fun, everything feels normal when we are out there and I can’t wait until we can stay the night. Other than that I have spent more time on Youtube than ever and here are some of my favorite things to watch right now.

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