Distraction MOTD

I bought a big palette with lots of bright colors when Beauty Bay had their Christmas Sale. The idea was to branch out my black-on-black-on-black regular face. It’s the Norvina vol 2 palette by ABH and even though it’s been three months,  I haven’t truly tried it out, except for the black. Oh, and one of the pink shades when I did the Switchblade Symphony inspired makeup.

I’ve been meaning to try some northern lights inspired eye makeup for ages and thought it would make a good distraction today. I’ve been sticking to the cooler tones in purple, green and turquoise and black (because it’s dark at night). The result turned out okay! I’m not the best with makeup or being patient with it. Usually, if something smudges wrong, I just go over it with more black…So this look could be better but it sure as hell could look a lot worse. I have to say that the palette is very easy to work with and I really love the intensity and texture of the shades.

Now, the black shadow,, the only color I can safely judge and have a somewhat informed opinion on. It is fine but it’s not as good as the ones by Make Up Store (my go-to for 10 years) or Makeup Geek (my favorite from this last year), both are much more opaque. I expect a high-end brand to produce a true black shade but this is not that dark. It even gets a little patchy if you’re not packing it on. Luckily the formula allows you to go back and forth until you’re happy with the result. Compared to the other shades in the palettes, it is probably my least favorite so far.

Here is my inspiration, mesmerizing and soothing…


ACO face cream spf 30
Nyx HD concealer “porcelain”
Everyday minerals base matte in Rosy Fair 0C
Manic Panic Virgin White powder

Nyx HD eye shadow primer
Make Up Store Microshadow  “Pollution”

Nyx HD eye shadow primer
Norvina vol 2 palette; shades A5, B1, B2, C3, E1 and E5
Wet ‘n wild liquid eyeliner in black
Isadora eyeliner pencil in black
Isadora WigWam mascara in black


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