When the world burns

It feels like I’m behind a glass window and can’t do anything but watch the world collapse in front of my eyes. I am in a region not affected by the virus itself yet but it is still like living in a ghost town. No one is out, restaurants and small businesses are closing down and the news are basically covid-19 exclusive by now. I try to keep up but also not constantly monitoring the outbreak, in order not to go insane. Except for watching a shit ton of Youtube videos I keep my mind busy by listening to music. (Remember to support the artists that keep you going, if you are able to.)

One artist that has risen from the dead just about now is Ville Valo (HIM) and with what looks like his own project. It’s love metal and pretty lovely at that, especially for someone who’s craving a little bit of pink, fluffy nostalgia just about right the fuck now.

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