Right Now

Sweden is (still, thankfully) not on lock down and we’re only semi-quarantined in the sense that we’re encouraged to avoid other people as much as possible. With the sun shining for the first time in 2020, we’ve spent the weekend been outdoors in the woods and yesterday we started the renovations inside our cottage. It’s been a nice break from the real world and the surreal state everything is right now. Other than that I’m…

Reading at the moment?

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. It’s a historical novel about a widow in 19th century England and it’s wonderful. The language is amazing and it’s one of those books I never want to end.

Listening to?

Priest. Because favorite songs are like my favorite hoodies; cozy, comforting and almost like a security blanket.

Movie I last watched?

Me and Partner in crime started to watch The Quiet Place on Netflix but the clock was close to midnight and I was too tired and fell asleep. Anyway, the last movie I watched in its entirety was Eerie. If you’ve watched any Asian “girl ghost movies” you know the drill. Eerie is a Philippine horror movie and is about a Catholic school where a suicide has taken place. The plot is what it is, not too impressive but I liked the way it was shot and the soundtrack was surprisingly good.

TV show I’m watching?

The 100. Currently re-watching it (almost finished season 2) and I really like the show. It’s one of those series that probably will go on for a few seasons too long but it’s a good distraction. Just complicated enough when you want to get your mind on something else but don’t have the brain power to focus on something too deep.

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