What’s in My Bag?

How about some silly, fun and pointless content just to take the mind off what’s going on in the world right now? Seems like a good idea to me.

I’m lugging around my shiny PVC bag for work and everywhere else every day. It’s roomy, it’s pretty and right now it has Alien hanging on the outside, together with that furry little ball. But. It’s getting too small. Maybe it’s a me developing into a fully formed old lady who likes to use her purse as a weapon, maybe my stuff got bigger or maybe it’s just ridiculous. I think it’s a little bit of all of the above. But I do use all of the content in it. The biggest change since last winter is a pair of big headphones and a water bottle. They create a new kind of bulk and my already decent sized bag is now crammed with stuff. There is literally no room for anything else. So what’s in it?


From top left:

  • Shiny blue case – holds tissues, nasal spray, painkillers, mirror compass, head torch & other adventure-type stuff. Also contains the tiny, green case.
  • Brush – used & abused, needs replacement asap.
  • Hairspray – or life as we know it will end.
  • More tissues – somehow I give away these guys almost every day so whenever I remember, I stash on more pack in the bag.
  • A blue pen – this is my favorite pen but I have no idea why.
  • Tiny green case – goes in the shiny blue case. Holds the small things like painkillers, band-aids and bobby pins.
  • Sunglasses –  and a case for them and a lens wipe (which you can’t see because it’s in the case). My vampire genes demand sunglasses no matter the weather as long as there is daylight.
  • Hand cream – dry hands hurt af.
  • Lip balm – red lips are only nice if they’re not in the color of dried blood.
  • 2 Cliff bars – I get vicious when hungry. This is my buffer.
  • Hand sanitizer – good for festivals, concerts and pandemics (who knew?).
  • Smart phone in its case – because girl clothes rarely has pockets.
  • Keys – Good for opening doors.
  • Wallet – to be fair, it only holds some change and membership cards I rarely use. Important cards and ID is sleeping with my phone.
  • Headphones with a soft case – They could be the love of my life.
  • USB-c chord (phone charger) – I broke my back-up chord which is much shorter, should probably buy a new one in order to save some space.
  • Car charger – I have never felt as adult and responsible as when I got this thingy.
  • Lavender case with earplugs – Awesome for loud music and annoying people in the super market.
  • A black pen – in case I lose my favorite pen.
  • Cough drop – there’s only one left but they are my favorites and I eat them as if they were candy. Do not judge me.
  • Water bottle – without it, I live on coffee which apparently is not good for the body.

No, there’s no makeup in my bag. I always forget to bring it but on the occasion that I do remember, it’s just a black eyeliner pencil and maybe a lip stick. I like to live dangerously… Said the person with all too much stuff in her purse, who also is contemplating how to include at least one book and the camera in it as well. That’s a mission impossible right now. Maybe I should down-size? But there’s not much in the bag that I don’t use regularly. Even so, it would probably be more logical/comfortable to use a backpack instead.

What do you carry with you everywhere you go?

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