Change in styles

Almost all neighboring countries have closed their borders and schools. Sweden is not on that strict of a lock down yet but the atmosphere is very strange right now. Like a true introvert, the measures that have been taken by the government so far is not even affecting me a little but I have friends and family in quarantine which is superbly weird.

Anyway, I played around with makeup for the first time in a long while and got dressed in something a little more creative than just what I wear for work. Stuff you do to keep yourself busy… It felt really good to have fun with my look again and even though it did not turn out exactly as I planned, it was very liberating.

This is how I’ve been looking most days this year (not my house in the pictures, was cat-sitting at the time):

I’ve been taking inspiration from the late 40’s when it comes to work appropriate outfits and it’s really fun to play with historical fashion. I don’t have much clothes to chose between which is a little frustrating at this point but it works. Isn’t it interesting how fashion can make you feel totally different? Band shirts, platforms and dark makeup still feel like my real home while the outfit above feel a little new and weird. Even though it’s fun to try something new, it felt so damn good to be back in my old, raggedy self yesterday with big, chunky boots and blacked out eyelids.

Swing skirt ouftit:

Top: Thrifted (I think the tag says it’s from Zara)
Coat: Collectif Vintage Molly Jacket
Arm warmers: Knitted by my mom
Skirt: Hell Bunny Jefferson skirt
Belt: Belonged to my partner in crime when he was a teenager.
Choker: Old, have soon had it for 17 years. Don’t use for work but like to add some edge when I’m at home.
Tights: Regular, thick, black ones.
Shoes: Thrifted (!) Oxford shoes
Purse: Killstar Jesse handbag, still going strong.

Raggedy skirt outfit:

Top: London After Midnight top
Vest: Thrifted leather vest (for the amazing price of 30 SEK = less than 3 EUR)
Skirt: Kuro Neko (?) skirt. It’s so old and worn at this point, the tag fell off a few years ago.
Tights: Regular black ones.
Over-knees: Regular black ones.
Boots: New Rock Reactor boots.

I introduced Kennelklubben, a Swedish synth pop band, to my partner in crime and he got stuck on the song Höghusmiljonär and well..Now it’s on repeat in my headphones. Here you go, you’re welcome.

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