Mid-Week Music

I’m back in a Joy Division obsession. That’s okay, I don’t mind. There are a few reinvented (or reimagined) music videos to some of their songs and when I last checked them out they weren’t very impressive or even making sense. But I missed that a new video was made for She’s lost control and released in January. It’s a step up but very obvious.

I know most people don’t seem to appreciate “remakes” but the idea appeals to me and think I that it could make an old song feel contemporary and modern again. The movie industry does it all the time, dig up a song most people forgot about and make it relevant again. Maybe I’m just a sucker for nostalgia but yes, I’d like to see some effort being put into new music videos for old songs that deserves more attention. As far as She’s lost control, it’s okay but could be more impressive. It could be a euphemism for politics such as climate change or war. It could be put in so many different settings and still they went with the literal one. Anyway, I don’t hate it. But I don’t love it.


3 Replies to “Mid-Week Music”

  1. My view seems different. I usually don’t bother with remakes, since most often the original person or group did it so well, to me. There are things like Peter Murphy doing one of his songs ten or fifteen years after it came out, and hearing the maturity or insight or something that he’d gained in those years made me really prefer that. Some exceptions for me are things like Marilyn Manson doing Sweet Dreams, since the keyboard part was great and fun to play. I’d rather here the original of something show up in a movie or commercial etc. than some remake. Maybe it’s a generation thing, since I’m probably well older than you.

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