Right Now

Reading at the moment?

The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin. It’s a mystery/crime novel circling an old farm at a remote place on Öland, the second largest Swedish island. Super cozy atmosphere and the writing is not bad. Normally I don’t read crime novels but got the author recommended to me so I gave it a go and this is more mystery than crime, to my utter delight. It’s definitely worth reading if you like ghost stories about old houses or ancient places.

Listening to?

To touch the Milky Way by Black Tape for a Blue Girl.

Movie I last watched?

Buster’s Mal Heart. This is an odd movie and I went solely on the fact that the lead is Rami Malek but it’s odd in the best of ways. It is truly creepy and terrifying but it is not a horror film. It is dramatic, weird, dark and sad.

TV show I’m watching?

Me and partner in crime are watching a few shows together but I am getting hooked by Outlander, about three hundred years after everyone else and just love the show.

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