Mid-Week Music

Yeah, it’s Sunday. I’m still calling the post mid-week. Since for as long as I can remember I’ve been a major fan of Kent and they split up in 2016, which feels like much longer than just 3 years and few months ago now when I think of it. Anyway, a little while back it was announced that one of the members, Martin Sköld, was working on a new music project called Kapitalet. The first song released today on Spotify, the music video got up on YouTube yesterday. It’s electronic and pretty wonderful in its dystopian element. Or pretty and wonderful. One of the distinct traits Kent had was their achingly beautiful lyrics and you can tell that there is a lot of Kent present in Kapitalet but it feels new and fresh. Like it’s not something that’s trying to reach the masses. I hope they continue in this direction, maybe even go more niche and electronica instead of pop. Not sure what I think about the music video but it sure looks exactly as grey outside right now. This is Förlorad Värld (Lost world).

And since Kapitalet put me in an extreme Kent mood you’re getting one of my favorite songs with the band, Berlin. The lyrics are pure magic, as is the music I tell you.

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