Book sales

I’m still on the no-buy-challenge and it’s going well but I’m having a bit of trouble with the upcoming week because it’s the annual book sale in Sweden. It’s the same for every book store in the country and I’ve noticed that a book I read last year and fell in love with is heavily discounted and… not sure how to go about it.

The book is called Slutet (The End) and it’s one of those books that I wish was available when I was in my teens. I have read very little out of the YA genre but when Mats Strandberg released a pre-apocalyptic book, he’s a Swedish author who has written a few good horror novels, I just had to read it. Horror fiction is not a big genre in Sweden and the library rarely carries anything except for the most famous authors, like Stephen King but this book was available at my local library. I borrowed Slutet immediately and read the entire thing in a day.

It’s one of those stories I often think about and would love, love, love to re-read and also be able to write in the margins. It’s actually a big reason why I don’t borrow as many books as I should, because I like destroying them with random thoughts and scribbles I get at the time. So yeah…maybe I’m going to break the no-buy rules yet again. We’ll see…

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