Music Questions

The questions are taken from all over the place. Not many goth points in this one (a little bit on purpose). Feel free to hijack and dismember the list in whatever fashion you fancy. Most links are to songs on youtube.

1. Are there any genres you don’t like?
I try to be open to new things musically but if there’s something I have a hard time with it’s a capella and the awful, Swedish phenomena called dansband.

2. Who was the last artist you saw live?
In Flames on the music festival Borgholm Brinner last year, I think.

3. What artist have you seen the most live?
Probably In Flames or maybe Entombed… Death and melodic death metal has been much more accessible to me (geographically) than any other genre so I have seen a lot of metal bands live in comparison to dark wave, goth rock or industrial acts. Good thing I love metal too, right?

4. Name one artist you’ve never seen live but would really love to.
I know it’s too late but David Bowie, Ian Curtis and Freddie Mercury, always and there’s no choosing in between. When it comes to alive performers, Kælan Mikla.

5. Have you ever been to a music festival?
Yes, yes I have. Mainly rock and metal festivals. I more or less grew up on Sweden Rock Festival in the late 90’s.

6. What is the last CD you bought?
Analfabetism – Sjön där hon dränkte sina djur. It’s industrial noise and fantastic.

7. Do you listen to music on Spotify?
All the time. Everyday. Right now.

8. Do you listen to music on Pandora?
Nope. I pay for Spotify.

9. Have you ever bought music off iTunes?
Nah. I use Bandcamp to purchase music digitally.

10. Do you have a favorite music video?
Oh so many. It’s all about state of mind but I think Closer by Nine Inch Nails as of right now. It is always high on the list of favorites.

11. Have you ever bought a t-shirt at a concert?
It’s my standard purchase, if it’s a band I like and the prices aren’t hysterical.

12. How many songs do you have on your cell phone?
That’s such a dated question but I love it, hah! I have Spotify on my phone and probably 1000+ songs in offline mode.

13. Have you ever been part of a mosh pit?
Yes! I kind of love it if it’s a cool crowd.

14. Have you ever crowd surfed?
Nope, not yet.

15. Do you pay attention to any music charts?
I’m terribly behind on trending music but sorta updated on the genres I love. Sometimes I get into a song or an artist that’s on the radio (I heard Aurora for the first time in a mall and was floored) but it doesn’t happen extremely often.

16. Do you like any boy bands?
Not really but I know a fair share of Backstreet Boys songs anyway. Btw, that music video would make a great drinking game. When someone snaps their fingers, shot! It might be the worst music videos I know but it’s bad in the best of ways. The heckling, oh the heckling.

17. Have you ever watched American Idol? If so, do you have any favorite contestants?
We have the show in Sweden too but no, I haven’t watched much but was impressed by Amanda Jensen performance of Hallelujah way back when though.

18. Do you consider rap singing?
Yes, of course.

19. Have you ever disliked an artist after seeing them live?
No, if that’s been the case I disliked them before I ever watched them live. It’s often the other way around, live performance (IRL) are so much better than album versions of songs.

20. Do you own any vinyl records?
I have a tiny collection, it’s slowly growing.

21. Have you ever shopped at record store?
It’s my favorite kind of store. Too bad they’re so rare around here nowadays. I still miss my town’s last record store. It was the place where I bought my first concert tickets all on my own and listened to new music in too big studio headphones with awesome sound. I think that was the place my interest for audio was born.

22. Where do you usually buy your music?
I have a Spotify subscription, order physical and digital records from Bandcamp and bid on stuff on eBay. Bengans, Skivesset, Folk å Rock are visited whenever I have the chance. It’s impossible to leave a record shop without at least one record so maybe it’s a good thing they are far away…

23. Have you ever read a book written by a musician?
Many! I love Just Kids by Patti Smith.

24. From 1-10, rate your singing ability.
It’s probably a 4 but it doesn’t stop me. I’m below average!

25. Do you like karaoke?

I…don’t fucking know. Sometimes I hate it and other times it’s fun. I’m more a singing at the top of my lungs in the car with friends kind of person.

26. Can you play any instruments?
I’ve played the flute when I was a kid. Now I’m learning to play guitar and would love to learn how to play the piano because that’s probably my favorite instrument of all.

27. Have you ever written a song?
I’ve written lyrics but they never turned into actual songs.

28. Name one musician you wish was still alive.
There are so many incredible people we needed for so much longer. I was surprised by how much the deaths of Avicii and Chester Bennington affected me and I wish Bowie was still here. I often wonder what the music industry would be like today if influential artists like Ian Curtis, Janis Joplin, Sid Vicious and Curt Cobain wouldn’t have died so young.

29. Will you listen to a song if it has screaming in it?
Of course. Screaming, screeching, growling, whispering, anything goes.

30. Do you read any music magazines?
I mainly read articles online because music magazines are pretty dead in Sweden and the imported issues are super expensive. I read everything from to Rolling Stone and Blabbermouth.

31. Do you watch any music award ceremonies on TV?
Not on purpose but if something’s streaming and I’m online I might check it out.

32. Do you have any posters or pictures of a musical artist on your bedroom wall?
Yes, Bowie and Nick Cave are both on the wall in our bedroom.

33. Name a song that makes you cry.
Då Som Nu För Alltid by Kent. It’s an instrumental song and the video is tying together all of the albums the band ever produced in such an astounding way, I’m mind blown every time I watch it.
It makes me cry because it’s such a beautiful way of piecing together an 26 year long career. It makes me cry because the band had been with me from my childhood, through my teens and well into my 20’s, it marked the end of my youth in a weird way. Lastly, it makes me cry because they knew that the best way to announce the end of Kent was to make the best album they could ever make. I’m more into their older albums out of nostalgic reasons but their last album is epic all the way through.

34. Name a song that makes you want to be a better person.
This is a tricky question because it’s not something I reflect on very often. There’s a few songs I play when things are tough and I really need to rise up, do the right thing or just push through something difficult. You know, the punch-in-the-face-never-give-up kind of songs. But as for songs that have turned me into something better it’s probably the punk bands that opened my eyes towards politics, human rights and feminism and I wouldn’t have been the same without them. So the answer is Staten och Kapitalet by Ebba Grön and if you want see Metallica perform the song with an entire arena of 60 000+ people singing along, you can do it here.

35. Have you ever gotten the lyrics to a song wrong?
So many times, both in Swedish and other languages. For some reason, Rammstein always confuse my ears before I’ve seen the lyrics. Engel is one of my favorite songs by the band and it took me forever to get the lyrics down.

36. How many songs do you have on your computer?
This is a bit like the phone question, except that I do have a few GB worth of music on an external hard hard drive.

37. Do you own any movie soundtracks?
Yes and the first that comes to mind is The Crow, both the soundtrack and the score by Graeme Revell. I have two or three copies of the score but miss the soundtrack on vinyl.

38. Do you own any albums from a musical?
I don’t think I do but if La la Land, Lion King and Bohemian Rhapsody count, those are albums I’m planning on getting.

39. Have you ever been on-air on a radio station?
No, never.

40. Have you ever won a radio contest?
When I was younger and sick at home, my mom entered my name in a competition for fun and I won two signed CD’s from artists I didn’t like, Victoria Beckham and Patrik Isaksson. It was hilarious and I think the Beckham album remained untouched until I gave it away. My brother liked Patrik Isaksson so he got that CD pretty much immediately.

41. Do you have any guilty pleasure artists?
I’m hard to embarrass when it comes to music and I never feel guilty for liking anything from the Pokèmon theme to Don’t stop believin’ and Ooops!… I did it again. Not to mention hip hop/electronica like Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip or pop punk like The Offspring or Good Charlotte or super mainstream artists like P!nk. A shameless maggot for life.

42. Have you ever gotten a song you dislike stuck in your head?
It happens often. The chorus to Sarah by Mauro Scocco gets stuck in my head whenever I see a 7-eleven sign and takes ages to disappear. Welcome to my own personal hell.

43. Do you listen to any religious music?
It’s not like it’s music I listen to actively but around Christmas, I sin.

44. Have you ever been part of a choir?
No and I think we all should be thankful for that.

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