De-pretty instead of declutter

I’ve been listening to a lot of 70’s punk lately and of course it inspires fashion choices but it also influence what I want to do with my surroundings and the apartment could definitely use some attitude, maybe even chaos. It’s clear that my vampire aesthetic is more Only lovers left alive than Interview with a vampire and some raw, imperfect elements would make that visual even clearer.

So…After moving the TV back into the living room it created a domino-effect on our furniture. The record player had no place to live so in order to keep it in the living we had to move a bookcase and yeah…We were left with a corner of stuff with no good place to go. It’s been like that since around Christmas but a few weeks back an idea started to take shape. The living room needs more music. With everything neatly tucked away in boxes and cases it’s not being used and a whole lot. The sense of home is somehow lost without the guitars, CD’s and posters of bands and artists. I want to create a corner where all of that (at least some) is displayed and not only the record player. I want posters and magazine cut-outs and headphones and guitars on the wall. All the crazy creative stuff that makes us happy should be out there to experience.

Yesterday the project took a big step forward and a desk was purchased at Hell on earth, known to most as IKEA, and I spent too much time building and re-building it. Let’s just say I’m not the RTFM kind of human. The love for the board thing with hinges that hides chords at the back of the desk is bigger than the pain of building it. Thank fucking God for that. The side board is actually a Hemnes desk with the knobs switched out.

Here is the start. With a bit of luck, one of the guitars will be up on the wall by the end of next week and the hunt for posters has already started. It’s still too neat and tidy but a big improvement from earlier.

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