Top 5 Obsessions

  1. Solovair boots. I wish there was a way of trying them out in Sweden, also wish I could afford more than one pair. But yes, there is time for a pair of regular steel toe boots this year.
  2. More music in the apartment. I’m thinking promo posters, a dedicated spot for the record player, maybe one of our guitars up on the wall, get a place for studio phones and stuff we have crammed into closets and shit.
  3. Amoeba Music channel on Youtube. I love watching the “What’s in my bag?” episodes where bands and artists talk about music they love. The moment when Peter Murphy claims that Metallica isn’t a metal band is pure gold. Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) has the most wonderful personality and it shows so well in the video. My heart gets all warm when I see Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris from New Order talk about music together, same with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. Not to mention how much fun it is just to see Sebastian Bach dig through the record store and talk music. I tell you, people who are stuck listening to just one genre are missing out on so much amazing shit.
  4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I found out that partner in crime haven’t been invited into the realm of phantasm that is Rocky Horror and corrected it by ordering us a copy. Let’s do the time warp again!
  5. Elaborate deathrock/punk/metal jackets and vests. The imperfect, chaotic creativity from what looks like years of DIY is what I find stunning about pieces like these. It’s not about a clean execution or a perfect mix of band logos, pins and studs. It’s more about making something fun and personal. I hope to be able to do something as awesome out of my clothes one day.

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