How I missed this corner

It’s been a long time since I was too sick to go to work. The longest period of time I’ve stayed in bed, not getting up at all, has been about a day for the last ten years. But this week sure changed all of that and this is my first hour outside of bed/bathroom since Tuesday afternoon. Holy crap it’s boring to be trapped indoors with no energy left to do anything but sleep. I’m still not well but much better than yesterday, not to mention the day before. So this is the end of my sickness rant. I never thought I’d miss my boring desk and the ugly wall behind it but I did and had to take a picture of it just to commemorate the feeling of sitting here again. In the photo is also the first cup of coffee I’ve had since Monday. Things could be much worse.

A desk tour from left to right:

The green plastic thing in the lower corner is my old but very beloved Steelseries Siberia v2 headset. Super comfy and fits my tiny head. Will wear them until they break.

Yes, there is an Easter egg on top of my computer. Why? Because the Easter bunny in the kitchen (no joke) would get offended if we didn’t have any eggs in the apartment. It stores PEZ figures that I’ve got as gifts from people who know that PEZ candy is my favorite candy.

Post-its are bad for the environment but I’m using up the stack I have left and the two next to my keyboard contains the following information: Movies I try to find and leads to my research about our cottage.

The computer is taking up most of the space. Partner in crime and I built it and it’s my trusted little weirdo. The picture on the desktop is taken by Paul Nicklen, one of my favorite photographers in the entire world. Just above the post-its sits an old external hard-drive. No it is not the only one I own.

The brown book to the right of the computer screen is an old history book that belonged to a woman who used to live in our cottage. It is from 1899 and pretty fascinating.

Eric and Carrie are awkwardly placed next to the lamp, I don’t know where to put them and Carrie tends to fall over without support.

Coffee mug in the shape of a camera lens, my brother gave it to me and it’s awesome. Tissues and lip balm because still sick.

End of tour.

I’m planning on making some sort of ribbon board (the kind that was all over internet about five years ago) to put on the wall behind the desk but aren’t sure of how. Should there be one or two? Should they have frames or not? Which color would work the best? I have some black, crushed velvet fabric at home already. It feels too cheap to make any clothing out of and could probably work for a project like this… Oh, decisions, decisions.

The first music video I saw today was Fiction by Not my God. Never heard of them before, the video cover looked like industrial with a black metal aesthetic so of course I pressed play. Catchy, cozy, clean. I like. It also reminded me of something familiar before and after googling the band, it was obvious. I won’t ruin the fun and spoil it but I should have seen it. Anyway, here’s the video.

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