Mid-Week Music

It’s been so many years since I listened to The Cure, really listened and payed attention to the music, that it has come to a point where I almost have forgotten what their music was like. What it felt like. But today, I got some lyrics in my head at work and couldn’t get it out. It was from the song Last Dance and now I have Disintegration on repeat, listening like it was the first time I heard the songs and it’s like traveling back in time.

Memories of a life that doesn’t even feel like my own anymore are haunting my mind, almost screaming at me. Somehow it’s more like a movie in my head, like the images belong to someone else, yet the emotions feel just as real as they did back then. What a fantastic, desperate and destructive love story it was. The kind that never could get a happy endi, if it belonged to the horror genre no one would’ve made it out alive. It’s a story that carries so much darkness, low points and highs that it’s enough for three lifetimes. Maybe I’ll write about it one day, maybe not.

Music is such a trigger when it comes to memories for me, are you the same?

I’m so glad you came
I’m so glad you remembered
The walking through walls in the heart of December
The blindness of happiness
Of falling down laughing
And I really believed that this time was forever

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