Where did the base go?

This is such a stereotypical goth problem but it is also my reality; there are no pale enough foundations or powders!

The foundation I’ve been in love with for several years has basically gone extinct on the European market. It is a mineral powder, my exact skin tone (during summer, I blend with white in winter) and my skin has loved it. It’s also cruelty free and vegan friendly. The brand is Everyday Minerals and no other foundation has been as pale with pink undertones as theirs.

Does anyone know where to find something similar or am I doomed for eternity? Cruelty free is a must, mineral powder would be good because I don’t really care for liquid foundations but if there are no other options…. Bare Minerals are too dark and the products I’ve tried from Lumene and IDUN are too yellow. Low to mid-range pricing. Light to medium coverage is enough. Matte texture appreciated.

Help a ghost.


This is the foundation, Everyday Minerals Base Matte Foundation in Rosy Fair 0C and a pretty accurate picture of how it looks in real life.

2 Replies to “Where did the base go?”

  1. If you can find them in Sweden, you might try Alima Pure Minerals. I’ve really only used their eye shadows, so I’m not sure I’m not sure if their foundation is light enough, but I know they’re cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

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