Happy Birthday, Rabid Hole!

It’s been three years since I started this blog and I’m celebrating this with something as unholy as listening old Manson albums. Not that it occurred to me that the blog turned three until WordPress told me so but anyhow… I was in an Antichrist Superstar mood and is feeling pretty good about that choice, it goes well with Serpentine Gallery by Switchblade Symphony which I still play on repeat since the beginning of the week.

I found a documentary/film by Cleopatra Records from 2010 or around that time, with footage from the 80’s and forward from various part of the goth scene. It’s part cringe, part nostalgia, part plain weird. The voice-over is awful and there’s no timeline to follow but so far (like 30 mins in) I do enjoy the interviews and clips from a time before social media. It shares slivers of things I remember and loved. If you know of a really well made documentary on the subculture, please let me know.


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