MOTD Clown

When the album Serpentine Gallery by Switchblade Symphony was all that I was living for, the only thing I wanted was to look like Tina Root. Her creepy doll-like aesthetic was so far from the androgynous weirdo that was me and I still look at those old music videos and get the same feeling as I did then, envy and enchantment. The thought of being able to express yourself through clothes, and through makeup felt like the most freeing thing in the world. It’s something that has been following me ever since but somewhere along the way it got more important to look good than to have fun and be creative. It is a fucking shame.

So, as an homage to all that was spooky back then, I thought it could be fun to take that super 90’s goth look into 2020. I’m mainly using the music video to Clown as a reference and no, there will be no shaving of the eyebrows today. Super black and hot pink, what could go wrong?


Foundation: Everday Minerals Base foundation in rosy fair 0C
Powder: Manic Panic Vampyre’s Veil pressed powder in Virgin
Concealer: Nyx HD concealer in porcelain
Eye shadow primer: Nyx HD eye shadow base

Brows: ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette vol. 2 E5

Eyeshadow (black): ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette vol. 2, E5
Eyeshadow (pink): ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette vol. 2, D5
Liquid eyeliner: Wet ‘n wild
Eyeliner pencil: Isadora
Mascara: Isadora wigwham

Lips: Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Perversion
Lip liner: Nyx lip liner


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