Declutter vs. shopping

New things have made their way into the rabid hole. Technically it happened before the post on New Year’s resolutions went online but I thought it could be a good exercise to incorporate them into my novel way of thinking. The rule is that I have to give up at least one item in order to bring a new one into the apartment. Yes, maybe the rules are too relaxed, letting myself get rid of exactly anything we have at home. Although, it needs to be fairly easy to succeed or else the demon in my head will say “fuck it” and go on a shopping spree with no regrets in 6 weeks or so.

I got four new things, it is arguable that three of them is for our little cottage and quite necessary but they are residing in the apartment for now so I’m counting them in.

The first one is an antique book about farm houses and cottages in Sweden, it is leather bound (by hand) and is filled with pictures from the 19th and early 20th century. We’re restoring our little house and search everywhere for information like this. It is truly stunning. I know I said no books but it was purchased before the rules were set and we actually need it.

The two candle sticks are also for the cottage, since we have no electricity in most of the house. The model is called Karlskrona Lantern and they work just like old wagon lanterns. The candle is stuck into the brass tube with a spring in the bottom and as the candle is burning down, it is pressed upwards by the spring. This model has been made since the 1890’s but I think that the two I found is from the 40’s or 50’s and they were a steal. One of them is missing its glass dome but they are replaceable and the company is still making them in the exact same fashion.

The forth thing (possibly more on brand and “goth” than the rest) is an old medicine bottle from the 40’s, maybe it’s a little older but the drug it used to hold got deregistered in the late 40’s. I think it used to hold pills, which probably were very sensitive to light because the bottle is completely black, not dark brown as seems to be more common. The substance is/was barbital sodium and it was used as a sedative or as an aid for sleeping. Now, the bottle just looks fabulously weird on top of my little book case.

What did I sacrifice for this?

I started out easy with cleaning out my socks, stockings and underwear. An entire plastic bag with more than 3 kg of old things were discarded. All of it was extremely worn, some things haven’t been used in many years, and not in any condition of being donated or DIYed into something else. It was surprisingly easy to let go of the old stuff I’ve been lugging around for about 10 years. Ripped (shredded) stockings, knee socks, over knees, bras and that kind of stuff but the amount felt a little insane.

In all honesty, it’s not like I have a problem with getting rid of stuff I don’t need or use. I just don’t like to throw things away that could easily turn into something else. It creates piles of useless pieces that never turn into the awesome projects I have in mind, mainly because it takes too much time and effort. Even though I hope this is the year I get going with more crafts and DIY it doesn’t hurt to decimate the “project piles”. I want to find projects that feel interesting enough to actually finish instead of just collecting rags for the hell of it.

Tomorrow I hope do some damage to that closet of mine, there are certainly stuff in there I’m never going to miss.

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