2020 Goals, resolutions and dreams.

2019 started off with the idea of a more conscious way of living. Consume less, reduce plastic and slow down with the online shopping. It’s been going really well and both me and Partner in Crime will continue on doing just that.

I posted earlier about doing some sort of no-buy and/or declutter operation for 2020, in order to make room for more creative projects. One issue with this is that creative projects often crave…well stuff. On top of that I started to rearrange some things in both the living room and in the bedroom, which has left us in a place where we kind of need a new bookcase or some sort of shelf situation. Declutter, was it? It’s awesome to be this contradictory.

Alas, 2020 is going to be the year when I try to learn how to get rid of things. It will still look like a minimalist’s worst nightmare at our house because I won’t admit I have a problem I like my stuff. A lot of clothing, accessories and shoes will leave this apartment to never return and if I’m bringing something new home it can only stay under the following conditions:

  1. Another item of any kind (not belonging to Partner in Crime) has to go.
  2. The new, shiny thing should preferably be thrifted.

A list will probably be created to see how much stuff we get rid off, the goal is to have more things leaving the apartment than entering it.

There is a no-buy list to go with the decluttering project and in order to not shoot myself in the foot, it will be running from January to March. If needed by that time, it may be tweaked a little. The list includes all items below:

  1. Clothes. (I’ll allow fabric for sewing clothes, there won’t be time to finish more than one thing anyway.)
  2. Footwear.
  3. Music in physical form; no records, CDs, cassettes or whatever I try to sneak by as “not exactly a record”. Spotify subscription is allowed because survival.
  4. Books.

This is what I spend money on whenever I get the chance. Movies are excluded from the list because me and Partner in Crime are planning on watching more of them this year. We are using one streaming service and will buy old DVDs and Blurays from time to time.

This resolution is not just a detox to overcome and then continue on as before. It is meant to change my behavior, to stop me from spending so much time online just looking at videos or stuff to buy and instead do something worthwhile. It is about getting back to being creative, read more books, find the fun in DIY and crafts again and hopefully find a balance in the mess that is home too.

This is me on New Year’s eve at a Gatsby & Bootlegger’s party. Who knew that the last pieces of clothing I would get for a long period of time was going to be a hat and a vest?

5 Replies to “2020 Goals, resolutions and dreams.”

  1. Those are good goals, and may or may not be hard to do. I still have a relatively-new house full of pretty much everything I ever owned and am slowly unpacking it and am so glad that here near Woodstock NY hippieland there are plenty of places to give things away–charity shops, free stores where you just put things and people take them for free, free little libraries where you put or take books. I was able to get rid of an antique fur coat that I felt sorry for and would never wear, but someone has taken it for a good home or to resell–

    Good luck with your goals and happy new year and beyond–

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    1. Thank you! I think the goals are manageable and easy to remember. Restrictions are usually hard to stick to but I hope the impact it has will make it work anyway,

      I will try to donate as much as possible to charity, women’s shelters and similar organizations.

      Happy new year to you too!

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      1. We lived in a place that had NO charitable outlets at all for a few years, and it was terrible, because many things were too good to throw out, so I kept them since there was no place to donate them. It was so strange, since it was a place with many homes for older people, so I would have expected a lot of people would be giving things away. It was sort of near New York City, so maybe companies came and bougth things are resold them there–it just felt terrible to have no place to move anything on to.

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