New Year’s Resolutions?

Christmas is over. It has been crazy. It has been a lot. The insane part is thankfully over.

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. We bought a cottage on the country-side in October and a lot of our plans revolve around getting it in better shape which, of course, is a massive project.

In order to put energy into things that last (like our cabin in the wilderness) I’m planning on some sort of no-buy and decluttering year for 2020. It really stems from a desire of creativity. Putting effort into writing, sewing, sketching, into reading and the little house we already love so much.

Bringing more things into our already crowded home is one of those things I want to stop but I’m unsure on how to go about it. How do you set up rules that won’t be too hard to follow? This is surely a very personal thing but I’m an all or nothing kind of ghoul, the guidelines need to be clear.

Has anyone got any good advice? Do you know any inspiring people to follow? Preferably not minimalists but instead collectors, people with too many books for their shelves or record bins everywhere or just simply the ones who like to surround themselves with pretty things.

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