Blog Questions: Christmas edition

50 questions, stolen from various parts of the interwebz. Enjoy and feel free to steal whichever parts sounds fun to you.

  1. Which Christmas candles are your favorite?
    The unscented ones. I burn a lot of candles and some incense but rarely scented candles.
  2. What is the best gift have you ever received for Christmas?
    I have to be honest here, my birthday is close to Christmas so I often forget what gifts have been given to me on what occasion. I’m lucky enough to have gotten trips together with my family for Christmas and those are probably my favorites. Especially when we have gone skiing.
  3. What is your usual plan for Christmas?
    (Netflix and) Chill. Just stay at home and play board games, not go anywhere.
  4. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
    With nifflers and aliens and candy canes.
  5. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
    Home Alone 1 and 2, Rare Exports and at least fifteen more the list is too long.pnmzsh0
  6. Have you ever celebrated Christmas alone?
    Not completely alone, no.
  7. Which track is your favorite?
    Uuuuhm. 12+ hours of a Christmas playlist tells me it’s hard to pick. As of this moment, I’m really into A Christmas Duel right now.
  8. Which thing do you use at the top of your tree?
    A pink, glittery snowflake that’s too big for the tree.
  9. Which is your favorite Christmas fragrance?
    Oranges with cloves, hands down.
  10. What do you like the most during Christmas?
    Probably the food.
  11. Do you celebrate Christmas with your family?
    Both yes and no. But yeah, I see them around the holidays.
  12. Which is your favorite cuisine at Christmas?
    Probably the fish. Smoked salmon and pickled herring… and grandma’s homemade bread. And the green kale stew. And…
  13. Have you ever done anything evil or bad during this time?
    Hard to say but hopefully the good weighs out the bad.
  14. Do you feel motivated during this time of year?
    At first yes, but then there’s too much to do and too little time and too many obligations. It’s been better this year than it usually is.
  15. When do you actually start shopping for Christmas?
    Around December 1st but I never finish until last minute.
  16. One of the memorable events that happened during the last Christmas.
    Last Christmas was fairly peaceful and quiet. We played Sherlock Holmes the consulting detective and forgot about the rest of the world.
  17. Which type of gifts do you usually receive during this time?
    Books and records. Some of my favorite things in the world.
  18. Have you ever received any luxurious gift on Christmas?
    Yes, although the most luxurious gifts to me are time spent with loved ones. She said and everyone yawned.
  19. Do you believe in the Santa Clause story?
    Which one of them? There are different ones for different cultures. But I want to believe…
  20. Honestly, when did you first realize that Santa Clause and his gifts are non-existent?
    Too young to even remember. I probably believed in other mythological creatures much longer than Santa.
  21. One interesting and funny thing that happened during Christmas.
    Me and my brothers went out on the 23rd (remember, Swedes celebrate on the 24th) when we were on a skiing trip i Austria a couple of years ago. There was a lot of Flying Hirsch and beer glasses holding 3 pints each, not to mention songs like Cowboy unt indianer. We met a couples of Aussies and a few guys from Zimbabwe. It was hysterical and we had an awesome night.
  22. In which year, you had the best Christmas ever?
    Impossible to answer but the Christmases spent with Partner in Crime has been really good so far.
  23. Have you ever met someone special on the eve of Christmas?
    Not really, no. It’s the day you spend celebrating with your family where I come from.
  24. What is your plan this Christmas?
    Board games  and beer.
  25. What is your theme color that you wear the most for Christmas?
    Black..? Exactly like the rest of the year. #xmasgoth
  26. How do you decorate your house during Christmas?
    With lots of lights. Lots of them. Indoors because involuntarily apartment dweller.
  27. Is there anything special that you do every year to decorate the interior section of your house?
    See above.
  28. Which is the staple song that you sing every Christmas?
    Like sing/scream really loud and not just listen to quietly?
    Christmas was better in the 80’s – The Futureheads
    X-m@$ – Corey Taylor
    Don’t shoot me, Santa – The Killers
    I won’t be home for Christmas – Blink-182
    Christmas at Ground Zero – Weird Al Yankovic
    Oi to the world – No Doubt
    The season’s upon us– Dropkick Muprhys
    Christmas by the phone – Good Charlotte
  29. One thing that you never stop buying during Christmas?
    Glögg (Mulled wine but with a very specific spice combination). Partner in Crime says I have a problem but he’s lying. I replace tea with the alcohol-free version entirely during the month of December.
  30. Is there any custom or ritual that you celebrate during Christmas every year?
    The winter solstice (Midvinter) is more important to me on a spiritual level than Christmas. I like to be aware of the changes in season and especially appreciate the darkness.
  31. What is more fun to you? – Giving away gifts or being at the receiving end?
    Giving away gifts to people I love and care for.
  32. What do you usually wear during Christmas?
    Comfy clothes if at home. Regular clothes if going away somewhere.
  33. Bright color or a light one – what would you prefer the most?
    Uuuuhm… for what exactly?
  34. This year, with whom are you going to celebrate?
    Only together with Partner in Crime for Christmas Eve.
  35. Have you ever made or prepared anything special during Christmas?
    Special like what? I’ve prepared scavenger hunts and board game nights and dinners if that counts?
  36. One gift that you asked from Santa Clause and got it for real?
    I will never forget getting a hamster when I was 10.
  37. Have you ever got hurt during this time?
    Yes but in hindsight it was probably for the better.
  38. One thing that your family does or prepare every year for?
    We have our annual lutefisk dinner on my dad’s side of the family. It’s nice to meet everyone but it is a very intense day, we’re a loud group of people.
  39. Who makes lunch during the one week?
    Usually there’s enough leftover to last us until March but if we’re at home, we just prepare things together. If one of us is working, the other one is taking care of things at home.
  40. One dish that is your family tradition on Christmas?
    Pickled herring is probably the most important part och for the Christmas buffet, together with grandma’s bread. But it wouldn’t be Christmas without glögg and mom’s lucia cats (saffron buns) either.
  41. Have you ever experienced anything spooky during this time?
    Yes I have. Both spooky in a good way and spooky in a bad way. It’s something about the compact darkness that makes the veil seem thinner somehow.
  42. Do you have any wish for Christmas?
    Snow. I always wish for snow but it rarely shows up around here.
  43. Red or green – which color occupies your life during this time of every year?
    Out of the two, probably green.
  44. Is there any ritual that you don’t like to follow at all during Christmas?
    The thought of family gatherings being an mandatory chore. I’d rather meet the people I care about because I want to rather than because it’s expected of me.
  45. Do you buy a Christmas tree or plant yourself?
    We have evil genius cats so our Christmas tree is fake.
  46. Which decorative thing according to you makes the Christmas look more stunning?
    Snow. Always snow. And pretty lights.
  47. Do you like to make it noisy or does a subtle ambiance works better for you?
    I can’t handle noise (as in loud people) for very long, it splits my brain in half. Subtle ambience all the way.
  48. What is your favorite Christmas slogan?
  49. Do you buy presents or try DIYs?
    I do both but have to admit that the inspiration for DIY has been pretty low this year, I hope I came through anyway.a0a365c1fa247289e61ab821b02f0d3a
  50. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
    Iceland during winter has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

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