The 10’s, the teens, the decade that past.

I seriously doubt that anyone noticed that once again, a post went MIA yesterday and at this point, there’s just no trying to fix the idea of short posts about music everyday until Christmas. It is what it is. Fail better next time.

A decade is coming to an end and this one was my first complete decade as an adult. Let’s do some time traveling, shall we? In order to not write a 10 000 word essay of personal stuff, I’m narrowing things down to (goth adjacent) music and style because that’s the main things I typically write about.


My 22nd year had barely begun when 2010 started. This was about the time when the emo/scene had influenced alternative/goth fashion for like what, five years maybe, it slowly started to disappear. I was all about anything PVC, even though I barely could afford it. The purple, black and pink synthetic dreads from 2009 were out, I already had a side cut and dyed my hair teal. Eyes were blackened out in not the best way.

My fluffy Skullcandy headphones (RIP) were mainly playing industrial, music was still not super accessible in Sweden, at least not through legal channels and listening to obscure bands wasn’t a thing for me yet. Angelspit, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels, Jack Off Jill, London After Midnight and The Birthday Massacre are good examples to what I was listening to a lot during this period.

Somewhere around 2011 I bought my very first new (not produced in the 80’s) vinyl record. It was Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails and it’s still my favorite album by the band. In periods, the song Something I Can Never Have have been obsessively played, alongside watching Natural Born Killers. Not to mention Kinda I Want To and Sin. Apparently I’m still shamelessly in love with that record.

Let’s not forget about Rammstein, Deathstars, Psyclon Nine and a few other industrial metal hybrids. Being a metalhead as well made it easy to love the combination of the sounds and I still do even though I rarely listen to new music from the genre. I had bands like The Frozen Autumn, Rosetta Stone, Bauhaus and Two Witches in my iPod too. They got played a lot but industrial was really what I was listening to the most at this point.

The start of the decade is about the time I started to morph into how I look today and the PVC clothes, the corsets and boots are still in my closet. Most things are well loved and worn to this day.

These years were tough on me and for many reasons my passion for music got pushed aside, along with it went the interest for clothes and makeup. Music and personal expression has always been intricately connected to one another for me and it’s easy to tell how I feel just by looking at what I wear. Anyway, I listened to A LOT of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Switchblade Symphony and Joy Division. Movie Soundtracks were also a big thing for me back then but I didn’t seek out new things to listen to at all.

You would most likely find me in a black t-shirt or a hoodie, black jeans and Docs or New Rocks. Once again, I dyed my hair teal in 2013 and shaved a side cut in 2014. Since then, it’s been black and slowly growing longer. As far as makeup goes, it was impossible to find light enough foundation for my skin and it was just a few years ago that happened. I wore a lot of heavy eyeliner, something I maybe should get back to. Since the black eye shadows got pigmented enough, my eye liner skills have deteriorated.

During 2016 things were finally calming down. I slowly got back into music, discovered how big of a help Spotify was in finding new things and in the end of the year, the decision of starting to blog again was made. Up until 2013 I had a personal blog in Swedish but I wanted to find a bigger platform and started to write in English in January 2017.

The blog has spurred me into searching for more music and to find other people online who share my interests in all things goth, spooky and weird. Bands like Kælan Mikla, Brotherhood, Analfabetism, Chelsea Wolfe, IAMX, Priest and She Wants Revenge have been played like there was no tomorrow, along with a lot of 80’s and 90’s bands. Since the blog started there has been an incredible amount of music going through my headphones and a lot of it is out here for anyone to find. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of finding new, interesting bands and artists to listen to.

The vinyl collection has grown and so has my wardrobe. My clothes, hair and makeup are not too different from the start except that there are more of everything and a bigger range of styles within it. Well, maybe not the makeup. I’m still doing big, black, smokey eyes just like 10 years ago but with better results and I now have eyebrows, most of the time.

My hopes for the upcoming decade is that even more good music will be produced and that Kælan Mikla never break up. The teens have been amazing and there are so much talent out there already but I’m sure more has yet to come. I hope for some gritty darkwave with female vocals, that would be awesome.

Personally, I want to become more creative with my makeup, looking back at a decade worth of pictures made me realize just how lazy I can be. Shout out to Jenny Elisabeth who does wonders with makeup and style, I will look into all your old blog posts for inspiration! Also, I want to MAKE more of my clothes and remake thrift finds, play more with my style. It feels like a fun goal for the 20’s.

How have your life been during the 10’s and do you have any goals or hopes for the decade to come?




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