December, thus far

Suddenly some real live content appears and not just a sentence to go with whatever music is played in my head phones at the moment. For a lot of us, December is a stressful month and it’s hard to find time to just clear ones head and do the things you wholeheartedly want to do. At the same time, at least to me, it is important to acknowledge the tremendous privilege of having friends and family around you who want a little of your time this dark and gloomy season. My introverted self have to work hard to distinguish between the need for solitude and hatred of mankind in general but I try my best.

I got some amazing and thoughtful gifts for my birthday that I wanted to show, it felt too much like bragging to put them in a  long list so you get the picture version instead. Mom needs a shout-out for knitting the amazing Icelandic sweater though. I picked the colors earlier this year and she’s been working on it the entire fall and it’s all kinds of lovely.

We’re making a lot of our Christmas presents this year, or buy used things and during the hunt I’ve come a cross some stuff for myself as well (oops). In my favorite vintage shop, I found these three pictures for 25 SEK (ca 2.70 USD/2.40 EUR) each. They’re in a decent size and I’m going to get them new frames after the holidays.

In order to not stress out entirely about gifts, family gatherings and such, I’ve been burning candles like crazy and watched Harry Potter, which I have to re-read soon because I’m totally that annoying “the book was better” person. You know, just try to enjoy the darkness in general. With only 6 days until Christmas, there’s so much to do and we haven’t even thought about the food yet. Hopefully there will be one more lengthy post before Christmas Eve but I’m making no promises.

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