Here be dragons

The first official Christmas party is over. It is so not my idea of a good time but at least I got to wear my Deadpool sweater. The apartment is looking more and more like a Pride festival. All is well. Partner in crime decided to up the Christmas lights game and now we’ve got LED lights with different settings and if you think it’s a little annoying on camera – it is nothing compared to what it fells like in real life. Unnerving is a good word for my very mixed emotions surrounding this monstrosity of a decoration. At least I found a dragon while picking up the lights, you know, to make it a bit more traditional looking.

Today I have to get some gifts out of the way. My family got the lovely, but now starting to become stressful, idea of trying to make as much of the presents as possible. Super fun! If you have the time, space and equipment, all of which I’m short of. That’s why I’m heading out on town one of the worst days of the year.  Wish me luck.

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