Christmas prep

It is official. We’re getting into the season of social obligations and while the stores try to get as much crap off their shelves as possible via Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays, time is constantly what’s out of stock. Because of the conundrum of December being the busiest month of the year, I’ve already started to plan Christmas. This has been the most dreaded holiday I knew as a kid. Full of aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins and places to visit and time schedules to keep. As an adult, I have the privilege to choose and Christmas Eve (the day Swedes usually celebrate the holiday) is now protected from social events. It is spent at home, with my partner in crime and we make a big thing of being just the two of us, in the eye of the Christmas storm.

Tradition is as follow:

  • Get a new board game and open it for Christmas. Somehow we always buy too big, elaborate games and lose track of time. Not this year! We’re getting a smaller game, something that doesn’t require 30 minutes to set up. In all honesty I wanted the new expansion for Arkham Horror but that went against everything I just said so partner in crime got to decide… He opted for a more fast-paced alternative and landed on the card game Odin’s Ravens. It’s illustrated by Johan Egerkrans and I’m excited to try it out.71fvwnq7ail
  • Find new songs for the ultimate Christmas Playlist. Last year’s most memorable song probably was Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
  • Cook dinner and make desert together on Christmas Eve. Have not decided on what the food is going to be yet but there are no limits! Last year we went traditional with a Swedish julbord (buffet) but we had leftovers for like a month and a half and. trust me, it’s not as nice as it sounds.
  • Spend December trying out the perfect Christmas beer. This is an important step towards a good Christmas Eve. It also goes well together with trying out the Christmas playlist. Tonight it is time to try and make butter beer on Hobgoblin ale.
  • Get a jigsaw puzzle. I get sucked into it while partner in crime is going insane. How can anyone get frustrated with a serene forest image? I have no idea.
  • Pick a Christmas themed movie. We always decide what to watch but have never ever had the time to actually do it on Christmas. Let’s see how this year turns out.

How do you spend the holidays?

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