Super Lazy DIY Drapery in the Spare Oom

Usually when I start to redecorate the apartment it takes months from the initial thought to any major change but this time, it was like everything kind of fell into my lap. We’ve decided on a carpet, on how to go about with the white cupboard under the windows and I have my eye on a desk lamp on an online auction that I desperately want to win.

What’s even better is that at this very moment, the wall next to me is no longer vanilla. There’s snakes and moths and vines and flowers, all on the deepest shade of midnight blue velvet. It is hard to get a good picture of the entire thing due to the shimmery velvet but the pattern is truly amazing and something of a cross between Stranger Things and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’m so fantastically in love it’s hard to put words on it.

Instead of putting curtains around the windows, we decided to look for curtains to hide the empty wall and to balance out some of the boring vanilla tones. At first, the idea was burgundy or forest green velvet, they both work with the over all idea and are easy to find in stores right now. Then I stumbled across this patterned curtain on Hemtex, 50% off and in the right length (300 cm)…It took about 45 hours and now the wall of midnight flowers is a fact.

In order to not drill in the walls, the drapery is suspended with a curtain shower rod and yes, it’s a little weighed down in the middle. It will do for now and it is definitely a DIY tip for anyone who has a narrow wall they’d like to do something similar to. These curtains are heavy so anything lighter would have kept the rod straight.

A table cloth, ivy garlands a dome and a golden snake is already on their way home, with a bit of luck they’ll arrive before the weekend. Next step is going to IKEA for the carpet and maybe even some big plants. Thus far, this have been exceptionally easy of a project. The biggest obstacles will probably be in the details.

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