Work space transformation?

When we moved into this apartment in 2015, the ideas for the Spare Oom were grand. They sorta kinda resided in a state of just that, grand plans and the reality has been more in the lines of that area in your home you’d rather not show to anyone. But both me and partner in crime spend a lot of our time in the mess of our Spare Oom, because we use bulky desktop computers.

The ambition is all the glory of Narnia, The Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes and Wonderland. After a decluttering frenzy, the room is pretty bare bones and extremely boring. The walls are vanilla, the door, windows and wardrobes are white and the floor is in this bewitching, plastic faux wood. To make it even worse, the only nice looking furniture is one of the desks, well hidden behind an awful, cheap gaming chair.

Welcome to the boredom that is our Spare Oom today! Yes, those are Christmas lights, I tried something out and didn’t have the energy to take it down. They also brightened up a little. We don’t get much daylight since the actual backyard is situated higher than our windows, as you can tell from the pictures.

We rent this place and are not planning on renovating on our own. In a perfect world I’d throw all furniture out except for the wooden desk but that’s not going to happen. Instead, we’re starting off with fabrics, lighting and plants to make it more gloomy/Lovecraftian/Victorian/fairytalesque. Any white furniture will get a lazy makeover, one desk and one chair will be replaced soon.

Some true inspiration is seen below, all saved from one of my pinterest boards. I dream of dark walls and floor to ceiling shelving. For now, my vanilla ice cream bucket apartment will have to do.

6 Replies to “Work space transformation?”

  1. We’re slowly, slowly transforming our basement to look more like those pictures, including a wall of shelves. I think some cool lamps and curtains would make a big difference without a lot of work. Good luck!

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    1. Your basement sounds like a really cool project! Do you plan to share it on the blog?☺️

      Since we got our little cabin to put both time and money into, this project probably won’t turn out as dramatic as it could but it will definitely look better than now.


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