Movie of the decade: Midsommar

After an exhausting work week, me and my partner in crime went to the movies. Our town may be little but the movie theater is one of a kind. Built the 1923, it’s acted as a theater and a cinema ever since and it’s like entering that 20’s and 30’s world when you’re in it. There’s murals and paintings and even the old piano, which was used for performances and silent films, stands in one corner. The old cine-camera from the 20’s is also on display and it’s just an awesome experience to watch movies there. We also live two blocks from it which is very convenient.

The move of the night was Midsommar and not only was it the movie of the night, this is the horror movie of the decade. It has everything. Unease, beauty, well-made gore, dream-like sequences, a great score, amazing acting…I’m blown away. Midsommar takes me back to late 60’s and 70’s horror like The Wicker Man, Picninc at Hanging Rock and Rose Mary’s Baby but also Von Trier’s works like  Melancholia and Antichrist.

The movie starts in the US where a group of anthropology students are planning on doing their thesis on Midsummer celebrations around the world. At the same time, one of the guy’s girlfriend suffers a tragedy and is stricken with grief. A Swedish exchange student invites them to his commune in Hälsingland where they have a very special way of celebrating, the students and the girlfriend decide to come and experience the holiday. What they’re not aware of is that this is more of pagan cult than a commune.

Midsommar is not shot in Sweden and it shows if you’re from here. This is also not a regular celebration of Midsummer but if you’re familiar with Scandinavian folklore you immediately know what they’re interpreting and it’s done eerily well. I loved every second of the movie. It’s not fast-paced and it’s not a gore fest but the gore you get to see is extremely visual and gruesome, even shocking, but still makes a perfect balance to the overall bizarrely bright mystique. Even though the movie is leaning heavily towards the drama genre, the horror is intentional and violent. It’s just fucking brilliant. Watch it. Watch it. Watch it.

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