Around the graves, I feel grounded.

Hey, it’s been a few days. It’s hard to get the time to do anything interesting or fun but sleep at the moment. We haven’t been home for several weekends and my day job is just a lot during this season. Combined with the billion degrees we’re experiencing right now there’s not been much time to write or even edit photos…which I really should be doing. But I took some time after work this evening and walked around at the cemetery and it’s amazing what that does to clear my mind. Do you feel the same way? Everything is just beautiful there right now, the roses and poppies are in bloom and there’s wildflowers, squirrels, bees and rabbits. The old elm trees are almost creating a green ceiling to protect from the harsh sunlight. Usually I take the same route when I walk through this cemetery, I know exactly which paths to choose and which graves to visit. People I knew, people I’ve never met and people who’s been gone for centuries.

Today I just walked around aimlessly and discovered headstones I haven’t paid attention to at all before. Sure, it’s not the smallest cemetery but it’s definitely not grand. I’ve been strolling around there regularly since I was 15, except for a few years living in elsewhere. Anyway, I found a few headstones that’s just beautiful and really interesting. I’m almost afraid that I’m going to forget how to find them next time I’m there because I had nothing with to take pictures with… But isn’t it fascinating how things like this just can hide in plain sight? It made me curious to what else we’re missing around us while we’re busy just getting by. Next time I’ll bring my camera but for now, these snowy photos of some of my favorite spots at the cemetery will have to do.

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